A Digital Analyst for Decision Makers

Conbi is a Google Home for your business data. Simply ask questions and let Conbi gather insights for you within seconds! 

Over 200+ teams have requested early access

Connect with your business

Simply connect to your favourite business systems and start gathering data driven insights from anywhere, anytime!

We offer 150+ integrations!

No-Code Business Intelligence

Imagine having a tailor-made ‘Google’ for your business- Conbi understands your ask and gathers insights about your business within seconds without having to know any code. Simply Ask! 

Gather insights without leaving Slack

Bring business insights directly on Slack to collaborate with your team and drive smarter decisions!

Analyze your Salesforce data, directly from Slack!

Free your team from endless reporting

Don’t let Business Intelligence end up becoming ‘report factories’

Let Conbi help you unlock the true power of data for making timely, effective decisions!

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September 22, 2022

Implement an Effective Enterprise Analytics Strategy

September 12, 2022

Goodbye, Dashboards!

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